Examples of Mistress Ooy featuring in "Mistress tease"

Description: From the tip of her toes, going up on the black leather shoes and on the nice black stockings, there's nothing not to love on Mistress Ooy. She makes a cake look undesirable compared to her beauty and in this circumstances she makes me ache for her touch. Well, I'm not getting any... just a nice torment for my sight.

Mistress Ooy

Nationality: Thai

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Age: 32 Years

Length: 4'8 (148cm)

Weight: 99lbs (45kg)

Cup Size: B

Sexuality: Straight

Favorite Fetish: Feet Play

Experience: 13 Years

About Me

There's nothing more I want than take every next second of your life and make it mine, possessing you in every way you let me and perhaps more, because I can't help it.